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Using solar, wind and now Ai power


CareGREEN has developed a unique Air Pollution capture and Storage technology, to address the worldwide issue of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.  

In an increasingly industrialised world, the emergence and expansion of urbanised areas are posing great threats to the environment and well-being of its inhabitants. The greatest of these is ambient air pollution. A WHO (2016) report established that more than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution face the greatest environmental risk to health today

Pollutants in question are nitrogen oxide and dioxide (Nox) and particulate matter P.M. 10 and P.M. 2.5 that have been linked to a surge in poor respiratory health and premature deaths around the world. CareGREEN's unique idea is a product specifically designed to reduce NOx and particulate matter, as well as carbon dioxide, from the air of any major city.

The technology utilised is credited as a significant solution in reducing COx worldwide.  As a result, CareGREEN will not only make measurable differences in the air quality of cities due to its specialised filtration systems, but will also contribute to a considerable fall in health issues linked to poor air quality.

CareGREEN is a 17 year long established company with roots in technological innovation infused in environmentally beneficial products.  The latest innovation has been termed The Environmental Air Purification Intervention & Control System  (EAPICS).