Ambulance Decontamination

With rapid prototyping at our disposal, CareGREEN submitted proposals for rapid de-contamination of ambulances during the peak of the pandemic.

It was estimated that about 11,000 ambulances a day, across London transported patients of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

As it is still the case that the only way to transport covid patients is by ambulances the need to undergo some form of decontamination process for the health and safety of both paramedics and patients is paramount.

Current decontamination processes take too long and with the right expertise Caregreen will be delivering high quality, low cost solution to the NHS and other departments.

Like many companies, Caregreen has  also repurposed to help with the current pandemic. 

Antibody and Antigen Testing

Partnering up with professional organisations such as PureCare Ltd, we are delivering hundreds of urgently needed Antibody and Antigen (PCR) tests across UK.

Being at the forefront means Caregreen has access to the latest developments in terms of testing.  Caregreen hence launched an intiative to help the much needed NHS to cope with rapid testing.  Many countries now require mandatory Antigen test (PCR-Polymerase Chain Reaction) and/or an Antibody test for travel.

Using existing supply chains through medical professionals and Pharmacies across the UK Caregreen now supplies almost 100 tests per day. 

The  present PCR tests requires Laboratory testing and hence Caregreen developed relations with PHE approved labs to help with his.  

With new developments Caregreen will also be trialing a rapid 15 min PCR test that does not require a lab.


For a long time CareGREEN has been designing and prototyping different variations of air nozzle vents dispensing systems to tackle outdoor air pollution.

With the contacts developed and designers all being able to work from home in the current UK lockdown situation, we are able to design, build and rapid protype 

a viable and feasable product that is desirable for use by users such as ambulance services, hospital wards and care facilities.


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Covid Responses



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