Air purification


CareGREEN has a dream that one day all pollution levels in the world will be near to almost zero.  Whilst this dream does look far, in reality if small changes are made today, they will lead to a much better,cleaner and healthier tomorrow.  Now called the EAPICS (Enviromental Air Pollution Intervention and Control System)

Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide compounds

Commonly referred to as NOx and COx (Carbon dioxide and monoxide) are the main componenents of air pollution.  Excess of any of these causes several health problems in humans and animlas.  Both these compounds are emitted from vehicles as well as old boilers in factories and homes.

Particle Matters

A leading cause for ashma and related health problems is given to particulate matter 10 and 2.5.   Being much larger than NOx and COx, these can cause direct blockages in lungs.  In China where these pollutants are above lethal limits people are becoming used to wearing facial masks.

Extract from The Queens speech in December 2019, with mention of directives to improve air quality 

CareGREEN solution to tackle air pollution