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Djibouti: Energy Enrichment program

2014- 2017

CareGREEN has firm deep roots in Africa and developed some unique ideas to boost the countries utilisation of its greatest and most ample resource: Sunlight.


As more and more of the world is now interconnected via the web, CareGREEN found that one of the biggest hurdles businesses had in Africa was the deficiency of power. Without electricity the locals could not operate their businesses.


The need bore the necessesity to develop a single point of source solution that answered the problem at its heart. To provide an electrical generation system where it was needed directly.


YEAR 2000-2017

CareGREEN Diary

Company first established

Establishing their first ever company the directors Huzeifa and Idris Anjary found MZA Computer Sales and Services Ltd in London.


MZA was the abbreviation for the word Murtaza the name of the first born in the 3rd Generation line of Anjarys in UK.




CareGREEN is born

At the time based in North London in Enfield, the directors decided to utilise their full knowledge in technology to address environmental concern issues.


This step was seen necessary since globally technology was being integrated into everyday life. Especially with more and more use of mobile phones.

CareGREEN Limited is born

Although the company had changed its name to be more in-line with its' activities the heads of the company remained the same.


The infusion process of technology and eco solutions was complete.




2012-2016 total 4 setups completed

The UK fixes the high rate for the installation of solar PV

CareGREEN provides consultation on biodiesel factory

The first every game changing idea of aggressive air purification fo rthe outdoors


A 17 years established company with UK published Author Director


Current ventures include:

Solar and Wind generation products

Clean Air products for streets







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